Sunday, 5 October 2014

Jessica Agombar Review

                                                                                            Jessica Agombar 

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This Born & Bred East Londoner, is about to break into the mainstream unlike anyone before. Sticking to her routes Jessica Agombar infuses the traditional East London Grime sound with clever lyrics and alongside her influences from the "Mainstream" to produce a sound quite frankly unlike anything I've heard before. The former member of the girl band Parade, is expected to release a video to the remix of her single Bam Bam which includes the two Roll Deep legends Scratchy & Manga. (And watch out for the Pie & Mash line)  

The Single Bam Bam has the string sample from the Roll Deep Classic "when I'm 'ere", and is remixed into a hard hitting, fast tempo BANGER!!!!! 

Shes an amazing artist and all of her work is available on iTunes now 

                                       "10/10 Genius"  

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