Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Cleo. Beauty For Ashes. Review

Photo taken from Twitter.com via google.co.uk (Photo used strictly for educational purposes)

So the Long wait is over for Cleo AKA MZ Bratt's new EP Beauty For Ashes. And The wait was defiantly worth it. 2015 is the year that MZ Bratt (Grime Princess) turns into the perfected artist Cleo. Whilst still maintaining the elements of her roots, its evident that her sound has matured and much to the delight of the fans. The 5 tracked EP has a sense of maturity, giving the impression that Mz Bratt went away an MC and came back an artist. 

The EP can only be described as Honest & Beautiful. Displaying an honest picture of one of the most talented musicians to come out of London. And I believe that her fine form will continue throughout 2015 and beyond.

2015 is her year!

My favorite track of the EP

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Jessica Agombar Review

                                                                                            Jessica Agombar 

Photo taken from hungertv.com via google.co.uk (Photo used strictly for educational purposes)

This Born & Bred East Londoner, is about to break into the mainstream unlike anyone before. Sticking to her routes Jessica Agombar infuses the traditional East London Grime sound with clever lyrics and alongside her influences from the "Mainstream" to produce a sound quite frankly unlike anything I've heard before. The former member of the girl band Parade, is expected to release a video to the remix of her single Bam Bam which includes the two Roll Deep legends Scratchy & Manga. (And watch out for the Pie & Mash line)  

The Single Bam Bam has the string sample from the Roll Deep Classic "when I'm 'ere", and is remixed into a hard hitting, fast tempo BANGER!!!!! 

Shes an amazing artist and all of her work is available on iTunes now 

                                       "10/10 Genius"  

Friday, 18 July 2014

Lion Dub Review

                                Lion Dub
Lion Dub is at the forefront of a new breed of young experimental grime producers like Lewi_B, combining the traditional sounds of grime with heavy horns and dub-step like hooks. This young versatile producer has a strong musical background playing drums from the age of 10 and is now a professional standard drummer at the tender age of 18.
Being a former member of London's prestigious Modern orchestra, his drumming backgrounds are evident in his unique sound, the use of complex drum riffs to reinforce the traditional simple grime sound is unbelievable. His experimental nature is similar to that of a young Mikey J or DaVinChe.
 His two instrumentals "You Dizzy Blud?" and "Motivation" (instrumentals), clearly shows versatility within his sound. This ability to switch styles is astonishing like Mikey J two tracks are never the same, listening to his different tracks and then realising that they are all from the same producer, is almost as shocking as Big H's forfeit in LOTM6. But this trait is one that could be used as a weapon amongst the industries producing elite.
By no means is Lion dub the finish product, Lions raw talent needs to be tamed but at eighteen he'll be putting a mark on the industry with expected collaborations and work to be released over the coming year. Currently all of his tracks are free to listen to on his SoundCloud. 
And after listening to his beats, I'm sure you'll agree this is one of the future stars of the grime scene.  
        "One of the stars of the future"

Friday, 20 June 2014

Hawk House Review

Hawk House
Photo taken from billetto.co.uk via google.co.uk (Photo used strictly for educational purposes)

This trio have the unique ability to combine UK and US hip hop and express classical and contemporary hip hop vibes. Similar to the infamous hip-hop band "A Tribe Called Quest". 
There ability to maintain powerful lyrics whilst addressing current topical issues is impressive. Emerging with the growing UK spoken word scene along side upcoming artist such as George the poet and Suli Breaks, Hawk house differ in that they combine powerful lyrics with neo-classic hip-hop instrumentals.
There first EP "A little more elbow room" was solid, evidently showing the characteristics of the three-piece group. However it was also clear that even though the group is in it's foundation stages it has already found it's "true sound", which is very rare in modern artists.
There signing to Virgin EMI has been positive. Unlike many artists, the signing to a top record label hasn't changed there uniqueness of which is the reason they were signed in the first place.
 This is evident through there brand new E.P "A Handshake To the Brain", which is modestly priced at £3.99 (iTunes). The E.P is one similar to Ed Sheeran's first album "+", in that by just listening the first few tracks you can already tell the band has a bright and prosperous future.  
This is there first single off the new E.P Chill Pill
           "A Bright Future awaits"